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My experience with contact lenses

I've worn glasses for most of my life. Decades ago, when I was still a teenager, I tried contact lenses once. While the idea of having clear vision without wearing glasses definitely had a lot of appeal to me at that time. However, I found out that my eyes got irritated, and contact lenses on the whole were not very comfortable for me at all. At around the same time, lenses for eyeglasses were becoming more durable and lighter, so I switched back to glasses and never looked back.

Decades later, something caused me to try contact lenses again. I got myself the Acuvue Oasys brand since it was recommended by my optomestrist. And to be honest, I was not that optimistic because of my previous experience with contact lenses. But this time around, I was pleasantly surprised. The lenses I tried fit extremely well, and once inside, I was not even aware I was wearing them. Moreover, maintenance of the contact lenses was very simple, only requiring me to store them overnight in contact lens solution. It seems that contact lenses have definitely improved quite drastically over the years. For this reason, if you have had a bad experience in the past with contact lenses, you may want to give them another try.

acuvue oasys

Now, I will admit that there is one disadvantage to wearing contact lenses, which is that they do require a larger budget. But the difference is not that significant. I like to purchase my contact lenses over the Internet using an online store called Lens.com. I get some pretty large savings by using Lens.com coupon codes or other contact lens coupons, which you can find all over the Internet. But there are many other options for buying contact lenses online. Some famous contact lens vendors include 1-800 Contacts (associated with Walmart), Walgreens, Coastal Contacts, and at least a half dozen other sites. But for me personally, the prices at Lens.com seem to be the lowest, so I have chosen to buy from them.