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Is it possible to really find your soulmate on Eharmony?

People who have never tried their luck at an online dating site understandably have some amount fo skepticism, which many people may even call healthy. I am writing this article to hopefully dispell myths about whether online dating sites work. Surely, you must at least know a few people who have used dating sites and had success. And yet, maybe you still have doubts about whether it will have the same kind of results for you.

dating profileOne of the big things that people over looks is picking the right dating site. Oftentimes, they would hear that Match.com worked for a friend or acquaintance and then proceed to sign up with Match.com as a result. But did you know there are profound differences between Match.com and another large dating site, eHarmony? Match.com is great if you just want to date people, but eHarmony is usually the better choice for people who are ready to get married. So the number one thing you should be aware of when joining a dating site is that you select the most appropriate site given what you're trying to accomplish. Using free trials is the best way to get further information on how well as site fits your needs. For example, you can get an eHarmony free trial by going to OnlineDatingTrials.com.

Next, let's answer the question about whether online dating even works. As mentioned earlier, you probably know at least one or two couples who met on a dating site, so there is no question that it does work for certain people. How well it works is up to you to some extent, but if we go beyond that and look at overall statistics, the data is encouraging. For instance, over one in five couples today meet on a dating site. This ends up being millions of people and is a rather impressive statistic in and of itself. Another encouraging statistic is that people who meet on dating sites are likely to be more satisfied and stay in relationships/marriages for a longer time.

As I said earlier, try out different dating sites to get a feel for how well a site will meet your needs. A site that works for one person may not necessarily work for you. But don't worry -- regardless of what type of personality you have, there will almost surely be at least a couple dating sites that will be up your alley. The reason for this is that there are quite a few sites today, in almost every imaginable niche. With that being said, let's assume all other things are equal. In those cases, pick the dating site that has a larger membership, as this will put the odds in your favorable.