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Gaming Options Online

Gaming can be a lot of fun, and regardless of what types of games you enjoy playing, you are sure to find many games that are suitable for you because of the abundance of games available today on the Internet. Today, I will be reviewing three types of games you can play online, and hopefully, this information will help you decide what type of online game you should try.

1. Casino games
Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes in the country. And with the plenitude of online casinos, you no longer need to make a trip to a local casino to play your favorite casino games. At most online casinos, you can play games like poker or slots for free or for real money. If you do play for real money, make sure you are in compliance with any local laws.

2. Massively multiplayer online games
If living and playing in an immersive world is something that sounds appealing to you, you should definitely check out massively multiplayer games (MMOGs). The good news is that most MMOGs these days are free to play, although you'll probably end up upgrading your account to get additional player benefits. Be aware, however, that playing MMOGs can be quite a time consuming hobby, and most gamers who play these types of games spend hours every day playing the game of their choice.

3. Shooter games
These are more action oriented, highly engaging games that can be played either on a computer or a console. I prefer to play these games on a console as it allows me to play the game on a large-screen TV, making the experience more powerful. The other reason I prefer to play these kinds of games with a console is because I can then rent titles from Gamefly, a famous video game rental service. You can learn more about this service by going to their website or by getting a one month free trial of Gamefly, which now lasts for one month.


If these types of games don't appeal to you, but you still want to spend time in a virtual world, you may also consider Second Life, which is not exactly a video game, but simply a place where you can create an avatar and explore the world or even create your own worlds. This "game" has been around since 2003 and is still going strong today, thanks to numerous improvements that have been made over the years. For more on why Second Life is still popular, check out this Vice article.