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Quick tips for saving money on printer ink

Printer cartridges are notoriously expensive, and if you examine your office expenses, you may be surprised at how much money you are spending on ink cartridges. So what are some ways to cut down on the amount you spend on printing? Let's examine a few quick, easy things you can do.

lexmart ink cartridgesFirst of all, you should think about ink costs from the moment you decide to buy a new printer. All printers have something called cost per page. A lot of times, a printer that is relatively cheap will have a high cost per page, causing you to more than make up for the cheap price by paying more on the back end. You may need to dig around a bit to find the cost per page for the printers you are interested in, but having this information will help you make a wise choice.

Second, don't replace your cartridges when you get a low ink warning. Instead, keep using the cartridge until it literally runs out. Many printers give out the low ink warning too early, and you can still print quite a few pages after you get such a warning.

Many of us print things simply out of convenience, but ask yourself if you really need a printed copy the next time you're ready to print something on your screen. The fact is, many of us print way more than what's necessary, wasting both ink and paper.

Finally, I recommend buying third-party cartridges or even remanufactured cartridges to help maximize your savings. You can find many such deals if you purchase ink on the internet by going to sites like Inkjetprinterdiscounts.com. Also, make sure you use online coupon codes for popular ink stores like Inkfarm.