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My thoughts on popular quit smoking tools

There are tons of tools to help smokers quit, and it has become a multimillion dollar industry. The fact that there are so many resources to aid in quitting smoking, however, makes me wonder just how effective these tools are. I have used a number of quit smoking products myself, with mixed results. Here are my thoughts on some of the more popular products out there.

ecigarette user1. Nicorette
You can get gum or lozenges, and the idea is that since you’re still getting Nicotine, the most addictive element in tobacco, you will be able to ditch the cigarettes. I did not have a chance to see how true this statement is, because Nicorette caused me to have horrible acne in addition to some bad headaches, and I had to quit. It might work well for some people, but to me, the side effects were unacceptable.

2. Nicotine Patches
I bought some patches from Walmart but again, they caused acne for me. Also, the site where I put on the patch started becoming red and irritated. Therefore, this method also was a no-go for me. Note that Nicotine patches can be quite pricey (that’s why I bought the Walmart ones).

3. E-cigarettes
This is the only thing that has worked for me. E-cigarettes deliver vapor from an electronic device, and you still get your nicotine, depending on the strength of the cartridge you use. The sensation is similar to smoking, so I almost feel as though I have not quit at all. But regardless, I feel better using e-cigarettes, and moreover, I am able to avoid many of the negative side effects of smoking such as bad breath. I recommend using the discount codes from Volcano Ecigs you are interested in checking out this option. For more about ecigs, take a look at E-Cigbargains.com. Incidentally, if you buy ecigs online, you can often get some discounts and coupons along with free shipping.